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 One of the founding member of the San Francisco based Irish band The Gas Men, Cormac Gannon was born in County Mayo in the West of Ireland and moved to San Francisco in 1991. With the lively Irish music scene at The Plough and Stars Pub in San Francisco, Cormac met up with other musicians and they went onto  form a group Orla and The Gas Men. Cormac starting out playing bodhrán and singing and later took up playing guitar and uilleann pipes.

 The Gas Men can still be heard playing concerts, sessions and at house parties around The San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Cormac has played bodhrán on albums by recordings artists, Catherine John, Kyle Alden, Lucia Comnes, Sarah Franklin and Colin McGrath, he also plays at sessions around the

 Bay Area and with the band The Toast Inspectors. 

 Cormac plays guitar, bodhrán, uilleann pipes and  sings on this album.


           Contact:   415 902 2947

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Cross Keys

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The Gas Men